Tuesday, January 24, 2023


 I wish I had a pair of magic glasses 
That I could see the future just by lookin' through 
Then I could know 
what road tomorrow's gonna take me down 
And I could see if I'll be walkin' 
down that road with you 
I would keep my magic glasses hidden 
I would let nobody else see what I see 
And everyone would want to know 
how I can know what lies ahead 
And they'll wonder when 
I say tomorrow I see you with me 
But if I see into the future 
that I'm on the road alone 
And where the way was sunny, 
now there's only rain 
I'll put them in a box 
and seal it with a lock 
And I'll never take my 
little magic glasses out again
Johnny Cash


Michele said...

this is too adorable for words, love it! xo

Katrin said...

Hi Deann,
I would also like to have a pair of "magic glasses", ... so that I don't have to see this awful grey any more ... ;-/
And I agree with the lyrics by Johnny Cash. Although I'm not quite sure myself whether I really want to know what the future holds for me?
Have a good week &
warmest greetings

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Wonderful art and song.

Gillena Cox said...

little magic glasses, how precious!!!


Taluula said...

Quirky and lovely .... love that child in her glasses!

peggy gatto said...

You create the best art and always love the lyrics you find!

Win Dinn, Artist said...

What a fabulous image, Deann - those so-thoughtful eyes. And I love the attending song...oh for a pair of magic glasses! xo

Mary M. said...

That child is so adorable. Love the song choice, so appropriate as always

Digital Whisper said...

OMG what an adorable child.
This is very cool