Tuesday, August 9, 2022


Underwear, underwear, anytime, anywhere 
Underwear, underwear, anytime, anywhere, 
 Now I believe in looking 
Like my time on earth is cooking 
With a polka-dotted stripe or even checked 
With some glamour guaranteeing 
Every fiber of my being 
Is displayed to quite remarkable effect 
From your cradle via trousseau 
To your death bed you're on view so 
Never compromise accept no substitute 
I would rather wear a barrel 
Than conservative apparel 
Because dress has always been my strongest suit 
The Spice Girls


sirkkis said...

Haha, here is totally different style of boudoir 😂 Wonderful! Those trousers can be a bit unpractical 😏
Grate piece and song lyric 👏
I notice your new Wednesdas Muses, and joined as a reader!

sirkkis said...

Sorry, Midweek Muse 💚

Gillena Cox said...

😁😁😁nice one Deann. You did have fun with this one


Sim said...

Haaaa, I missed you and your art dear Deann!
I love this gesture and this mischievous and provocative look.
You have a knack for finding amazing materials and elements my friend!
I love the BG and its colors, as well as your discreet fades and shadows.
Thank you very much for joining Ann in keeping the challenge blog alive.
What happiness!

Sim said...

Hugs my dear friend!

Win Dinn, Artist said...

What fun is this!!!?!! Love the sense of play here, and the evocative stance. She's my kind of lady. 😄

Taluula said...

Now she's a lady with attitood. Just fabulous, Deann.

peggy gatto said...

I love this lady and love you!!!