Saturday, December 4, 2021


 Every Christmas all our children and grandchildren 
come to our home for Christmas dinner. 
Always there is our Christmas pickle 
hidden somewhere on the Christmas tree,
 the child who finds the pickle gets a prize, 
usually something they can share with the others.
This is one of our favorite traditions.


Katrin said...

Ohhhhh yes, yes, yes - THIS is really a wonderful christmas tradition: a well decorated christmas tree, candlelights and
bright children's eyes.
Pure childhood memories!
Deann - have a wonderful 2nd advent. Hope the weather is better than here: gray, the snow is slush again...
Best wishes & stay well Katrin

Anne (cornucopia) said...

What a fun tradition and wonderful postcard.

Mandy Chilvers said...

Fun tradition!!!

Sim said...

Oh lala, I did not know this Polish tradition, and I thought it was coming out of your unbridled imagination dear Deann! : D But no, it really does exist, and I thank you for adding so artistically to my knowledge. This vision of children looking for a pickle in the tree is perfectly delicious.
Take care of you my friend, hugs

peggy gatto said...

Just so fun!

Sandra Wright. said...

Oh wow, I so love your postcard.
I have to admit I love the tradition of a pickle hunt, having never heard of it before, what fun.
Thank you so much for joining in with my theme..x