Tuesday, November 30, 2021


 From a distance 
The world looks blue and green 
And the snow capped mountains white 
From a distance 
The ocean meets the stream 
And the eagle takes to flight 
From a distance 
There is harmony 
And it echoes through the land 
It's the voice of hope 
It's the voice of peace 
It's the voice of every man 
From a distance 
We all have enough 
And no one is in need 
And there are no guns, 
No bombs, and no disease 
No hungry mouths to feed 
From a distance 
We are instruments 
Marching in a common band 
Playing songs of hope 
Playing songs of peace 
They are the songs of every man 
God is watching us 
God is watching us 
God is watching us 
From a distance
Bette Midler


sirkkis said...

The most adorable angel watching us with so many kinds of hope.
I'd like to add also the wish: Save the world from changing climate danger, please!
Beautiful picture and words xx

peggy gatto said...

More magic from you!!

Sim said...

Oh, this one is so touching Deann...
They look so sad and compassionate...
( I love the Bette Midler's words too :)

It's the same theme I choose for the SAP challenge (for 12 december) which is 'Angel' too, but my example is less explicit than yours, maybe too subtle :)
Anyway, let's keep hope my dear friend.

I wish all is good for you and yours,

Gillena Cox said...

Oh how wonderful

Mine is HERE


indybev said...

So comforting to know they're there! Beautiful work, as always.

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Love it!

Katrin said...

Sirkis has taken the words out of my mouth.
Once more again simple a STUNNING work. And the background is sooo GREAT. YOu know, I love your soft blendings. CHAPPEAU & APPLAUSE from my corner to you my friend!
Stay well, have a wonderful advent season (with cookies & candle light)
Warm greetings Katrin

Taluula said...

I can't find any word, Deann, that haven't already been said ... but I'll try! Unique, touching and absolutely wonderful. Bravo my friend.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

Oh so beautiful, Deann, and so filled with hope. You've paired a stunning image with a favourite song, lifting both of them to the realm of extraordinary. Thank you for this one.