Tuesday, October 12, 2021


In dark of night 
the light of the moon 
 pounding of hooves 
arriving soon 
 rider in black 
phantom of fear 
headless and heartless 
ever so near 
nowhere to run 
 hurry and hide 
the headless horseman 
is on his ride 
lightning flashes
he takes his toll
thunder crashes 
heads will roll.
DSW 21


indybev said...

I LOVE IT!!! Delightfully spooky, and the poem is wonderful. I can just hear it being read with ominous organ music in the background!!

Anne (cornucopia) said...

I LOVE THIS!!! FANTASTIC!!! This is one of my favorite stories! Great art piece Deann.

sirkkis said...

Very spooky, impressive your way...

Katrin said...

Whoo whoo - it's very spooky & tighning wit a lot of ghost-feeling!
And I like the surreal in this. ;-)
Reminds me a little of the end of Goethe's "Erlkönig" (means "alder king).
Best wishes

Taluula said...

Oh wow, you NEVER fail to amaze me, Deann. Magnificent both in creativity and in execution. Fan Tas Tic.

Gillena Cox said...

Mine is HERE


Win Dinn, Artist said...

WOW! Spooky to the max to view, and the poem is outstanding as well. You are a creative genius, Deann - you've given me the chills.